Thursday, 24 January 2019

My Workspace + Desk Decor Inspo


So this is my workspace where all the magic happens, haha! Okay, so this is where I spend a lot of my time, besides in-front of the camera, creating content for my blog and YouTube channel. When I'm sitting here I like to have visual "props" to give me that extra bit of motivation. Let me walk you through what I have on my desk (p.s. it's actually a chest of drawers) and tell you why I have what I have on it.

Okay, as you can see I have an Apple iMac computer which is my absolute baby! It's the Retina 5K 27-inch which is super expensive but so worth it and I love it so much! It looks super stylish and has all the latest software available to me for editing videos (iMovie/Final Cut Pro etc) and photos. It's also super fast and has lots of storage space, but of-course, I have a few external hard drives too because I film in 4K and take high quality photos. 

Now my iMac is what I use to edit all my videos and write blog posts and that's motivational enough but, I also LOVE to have a few other things around me that make me feel good and give me inspiration - I like to call these "props". My Chanel books give me inspiration to work harder because she is one of my favourite designers, plus they look aesthetically pleasing. I also like to keep my favourite fragrance of the moment on my desk and right now it's Guerlain's Mon Guerlain. I also keep the lipstick I'm wearing so I can top up throughout the day and today it's Bobbi Brown's 'Bond' lipstick. 

Okay so that's all the little aesthetically pleasing "props" I like to keep on my desk, but I also have some tech-y bits on here too that I need to create my content. First, I have the camera I'm using for filming YouTube videos (subscribe here to my channel) and currently I'm using the Canon 80d with either a 50mm or 18-55mm lens. This is also my little baby! On my desk I keep my Blue Snowball mic which I use for my voiceovers. I also have my Sudio earphones which are great for editing my videos or just listening to music whilst writing notes. I actually have a discount code for 15% OFF. Just enter code 'jodiecaughey15' at the checkout!

So yeah this is my workspace and where I spend a lot of my waking hours! I love it so much and hope you do too or maybe it gives you some decor inspiration for your own little work station. 

Apple iMac here
Canon Camera here 
Guerlain Perfume here 
Bobbi Brown Lipstick here 
Sudio Earphones ( 15% OFF with jodiecaughey15 ) here
Blue Snowball Mic here 

Thank you so much for stopping by

J x 


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