Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Smilelab Teeth Whitening

Before I start with this post I want to quickly say WOW! I've never seen my teeth look so bright. 

I've been using the new Smilelab Advanced Teeth Whitening Flash Strips the past few weeks. This is a great 'quick fix' for an instantly brighter smile just in time of an event, party or even the weekend. The Flash Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips comes with 10 pre-dosed strips for the upper and lower teeth. All you have to do with these is place the strips onto the teeth (gel side to teeth surface) and let the solution work its magic. After 15-20 minutes you remove the strips and rinse mouth to wash away any excess gel. 
Instantly my teeth look cleaner and much brighter. It corrects the colour of my teeth, making them looking much whiter. Of-course there is still a bit of (this pains me of say...) yellow-ish staining peeking through, but as I said this is a 'quick fix' for a brighter smile. I absolutely love how brighter my teeth look because I'm not someone who smiles with my teeth showing a lot (if that makes sense), but with these Flash strips I'm like a Cheshire Cat, haha!

What I like to do to make my teeth look extra brighter is use the Smilelab Advanced Teeth Whitening Flash Brush/Pen. I stroke the brush onto my teeth and it makes then look extra sparkling. I like to repeat this twice a day but only on special occasion kinda days! 

Smilelab Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips available here 
Smilelab Advanced Teeth Whitening Brush Pen available here

This is a great solution to get an instantly brighter smile. I recommend giving it a try. But, bare in-mind results may vary on different teeth and I myself take very good care of my teeth, brushing them 2-3 times a day especially after eating. 

Have you tried Smilelab yet? What do you think of their products?

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