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Kim Kardashian 5 Minute Makeup Routine

Just recently, Kim Kardashian release her new KKW Contour & Highlight Kit. This retails for around $48 and includes a dual sided kabuki and sponge. More recently she put together a tutorial (here) showing her 5 minute makeup routine using both the contour and highlight from her kit. The makeup look she pulled off is very glowy and dewy - perfect for summer months and I really wanted to recreate it. Now as I live in the UK, getting her KKW Kit would be crazy expensive with postage and customs fees, not to mention time consuming, so I decided to recreate her look using drugstore products instead. I've come up with some great drugstore alternatives, (you might already have some of these in your own makeup collection) to help you achieve Kim's 5 minute dewy makeup look on a budget. 

Products Used

I realised, whilst pulling the perfect drugstore makeup products together, that achieving Kim's 'every day' makeup look wasn't that hard. Most of the makeup I gathered are staple pieces from my own 'every day' makeup routine such as - Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation (great for glowy finish) Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer (perfect to brighten and awaken the under eye area) Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso (glowy but natural pop to the cheeks). So although these are products I use daily, the "key" makeup pieces in recreating Kim's look is the B. Makeup Pro Contour Stick. This is a dual sided contour & highlight stick that is very similar to the KKW one however, much more affordable - retailing for £8.99. It's formula is very creamy and is super easy to blend and achieve a flawless finish. This Sculpt & Highlight stick is part of B Makeup's newly launched makeup range (at Superdrug) that is cruelty free and 100% vegan! 

Watch my tutorial below to see me recreate Kim's 5 minute makeup routine using only these drugstore products. 

Quick HOW TO:
(using B. Contour Stick)

Take the B Pro Contour Stick and run the contouring side into the hollows of the cheeks, outer corners of forehead and jawline.

Blend contour with a small kabuki or stippling brush (one like this)

Run that B Pro Contour Stick down both sides of the nose and blend with same kabuki or stippling brush.

Use the contour side again and outline the lips (this will make your lips appear plumper).

Run the Pro Contour Stick into the crease of eye and blend with a round blending brush (like this) Also run it along lower lash line.

Now, take the highlighting side of the B Pro Contour Stick and apply it to the high points of cheekbones, inner corners of the eyes, brow bone, cupids bow and bridge of nose. (blend with fingers)  

Hope you like this 5 minute makeup look inspired by Kim Kardashian!

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  1. Girl, you look incredible! Love the makeup look and I'm so happy I've found your blog!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris


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