Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Sleek MakeUP Distorted Dreams Collection

Sleek MakeUP has launched their new Distorted Dreams Collection. In the collection comes a highlight palette filled with colourful pastel shades, including pink, purple and green. The shades are mixed with shimmer and cream finishes. Also in the collection are 3 new Matte Me Metallic lip creams. The lip shades are all very unique - not your normal every day shades but still very wearable. So as a whole this is a very quirky collection and would be perfect for glam nights! 

Let me give you the lowdown on the highlighting palette. 

As I mentioned this is a very colourful palette, there are three cream shades and two shimmer-y powder shades inside. The way I like to use this palette is by applying the cream base (green, purple or pink) first, then double it up by applying the shimmer-y powder shade on top. The cream shades in the palette give a subtle glow, which is perfect for day time wear, however, once the shimmering powder shade has been added on top it really intensifies the glow. Now bearing in mind, the shades in this palette are colourful pastels, therefore it isn't very practical for every day. I suppose it depends on your skin tone and what you're in to, but for me it isn't. Although, the shades inside are lovely with amazing glowy-ness so I think I'll be using this more for glam nights and dramatic makeup look. 

VOLCANIC                                                                                                               RUSTED ROSE

The 3 new Matte Me Metallic lip creams are very unique. They come in shades I've never really worn before with tones of grey, purple, and gold. The formula is very thin and lightweight but still very opaque for a metallic lip. Now although these are metallic finishes, I wouldn't say they are super metallic. They are quite subtle and very wearable on the lips. They feel comfortable - not too drying. The only downside to these lip creams is that they accentuate the lines on my lips, but as the shades are quite quirky, I think I can pull them off, haha!!

Check out my video below to see me swatch everything on my face!

What do you think of this new Distorted Dreams collection? Will you be picking anything up?!

Sleek Distorted Dreams Highlight Palette here
Sleek Distorted Dreams Lip Cream Roman Copper here Rusted Rose here Volcanic here

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