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PUR Bare It All Foundation & Skin Perfecting Brush

PUR Cosmetics has a special place in my heart because when I first started my blog a few years ago, I was obsessed with their Soul Mattes eyeshadow palette and featured it a lot in makeup tutorials. You can check it out here and the makeup look here. I feel quite embarrassed re-sharing the link to that post but that's when all this (blogging & YouTube) started. It's clear to say that we all get better with time and practice lol! Anyway, steering back to this post and today I'm reviewing PUR's new Bare It All foundation and Skin Perfecting foundation brush. 

PUR Cosmetics Bare It All is a 12 hour 4-in-1 demi-matte foundation and claims to improve the look of your skin over time. I was very intrigued as to whether this actually work because it says this foundation "combines high-quality skincare ingredients with complexion-perfecting pigments that instantly perfect the look of skin while helping to correct problem areas over time". Now having only used the foundation for a few days I can't see a difference yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing how I get on over the next few weeks. 

Okay, let's talk formula, wear and longevity. The Bare It All foundation has a slightly thicker formula to what I'm use to but once blended with the Skin Perfecting brush (i'll get onto that in a minute) it still feels very lightweight and breathable. This foundation gives me medium coverage but can be built up to more full coverage without looking thick or cakey. The foundation is "formulated with agave extract, green tea, ginseng, B vitamins and PÜR’s proprietary Ceretin® Complex, this unique formula moisturizes and plumps the skin while stimulating the skin’s renewal process and fighting signs of aging". PUR states this is a 12 hour foundation and having worn this foundation for 11 hours before removing it (it was time for bed), it still looked absolutely perfect. It did NOT crack up or settle into any fine lines. It also didn't cling to any dry patches or look cakey. This foundation looks better with wear and after 1-2 hours after applying it my skin looked flawless and perfected! I am very impressed by this foundation!!

Now let's get on to the new Skin Perfecting foundation brush. It's an oval brush with a "dense bed of synthetic bristles and large grip handle that gives you plenty of control, you'll achieve an airbrushed, full coverage effect that looks like second skin every time. I love to use this brush with the Bare It All foundation because it gives more of a flawless finish. In my demo below I use the Skin Perfecting brush for one side of my face and a dome buffer for the other. I personally prefer how the Skin Perfecting brush applied the foundation because like I mentioned earlier this is a slightly thicker foundation and the Skin Perfecting brush applies it a lot smoother and quicker. I think it's because the bristle are a lot more dense and compact, resulting in a smoother and faster application. 

See me demo these new PUR products below

I hope this review was helpful to you. 

shop PUR Cosmetics:

PUR Bare It All foundation here
PUR Skin Perfecting foundation brush here

What do you think of the foundation? Will you be trying it yourself?

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  1. I've heard so much about this foundation, it looks beautiful on your skin!

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