Monday, 26 June 2017

Diego Dalla Palma BB Cream

Wearing shade 150

Today I'm reviewing Diego Dalla Palma's BB Cream that is 5-in-1 with SPF15. This is very different for me because usually I don't wear BB creams and I tend to steer clear of them for a few reasons, which I'll explain in a minute. First let me try and explain what a BB cream is and why it's different from foundation. So, a BB cream is a creamy formula that is typically light in texture and more hydrating on the face than a foundation. It tends to have a dewy / glowy finish to it with moisturising skin care benefits and its sole purpose is to even out skin tone.

Okay now that we know what a BB cream is (haha!), lets move on and find out how well this one performs and lasts. 

The Diego Dalla Palma BB Cream states to be a "light 5 actions-in-1 foundation: moisturising, illuminating, anti-oxidant, anti-imperfections and anti-UV". This I totally agree with, well mostly because I'm not lying out in the sun, so I can't pass comment on the anti-UV part but I assume it is. It also states to be "a lightweight and delicate texture, developed to obtain a natural and even effect on the face". Okay before I go any further I mentioned I tend to steer clear of BB creams, this is because I've always found them to be sticky, greasy and very patchy on my skin. Now having been wearing this BB cream for the past few days, I have a good grasp on how it wears and feels on my skin throughout the day. So the past few times I've worn this BB cream, I've applied it around 11am. It SURPRISINGLY applies like a dream - very smoothly and evenly. It feels incredibly lightweight on my skin and covers my redness very well. It has a slight dewy finish to it but doesn't accentuate any texture or spots on the skin and when applied with a dome buffer brush (morphe Y7) my skin looks flawless. I do NOT notice any patchiness whatsoever, and I'm so happy about this because like I said I've tried many BB creams that gross up, get very patchy and dirty straight from when I apply it. But not this little Diego Dalla Palma one. This holds up exceptionally well throughout the day. It looks and feels very fresh, plus gives my face a youthful and illuminating (non-greasy) glow! 

Now by 10pm this is when I notice a change, the BB cream isn't looking its best and it's now time to remove it. The BB cream is slightly starting to fade and the first places I notice it fading is around my cheek and outer corners of my forehead. This is caused by swiping my hair away and scratching my face throughout the day. Now as it is a BB cream it will fade slightly quicker because the formula is lighter and thinner than a foundation. But in saying that, this is still incredible - 11 hours later and the BB cream is just starting to wear off! Not many foundations can even last that long. 

Overall, this is an absolutely gorgeous BB cream that is lightweight and fresh on the skin. It gives me a beautiful glow and great coverage that lasts almost all day - 11 hours!!  

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I hope you enjoyed this review and helped you out! 

Thank you so much for stopping 

Jodie xx

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