Monday, 26 December 2016

YouTube Made Me Buy It!

From a young age I found myself to be quite good at makeup but every year I learn, practice and improve more. That is all thanks to the YouTube beauty guru community! Since I started watching YouTube videos and the many beauty gurus on it I have gotten more addicted to makeup than ever before. Like I said I've been crazy about makeup since a young age but now having the existence and presence of YouTube it has taking my makeup love to a whole other level. Now it feels like many moons ago since I first fell in love with watching beauty and makeup tutorials on the Tube but I never get bored. I learn so many tips and tricks from them on a daily basis and that is why I started my own beauty channel. I want to give back and help other girls by sharing the tips and tricks I've picked up along the way. My beauty channel; just like this blog, is like a little escape for me. I have fun creating content because makeup is a huge passion of mine. 

If you've been following me of a while, then you will know I try many different makeup products, from drugstore to high-end because I see them all over YouTube. Over the years I've picked up so many 'hyped' makeup products, so watch the video below to find out what I think about these and which beauty GURU (on the Tube) persuaded me to pick them up!

Thank you so much for stopping by

xo, Jodie

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  1. Thanks a lotfor sharing. Not every product on the video I could find in Switzerland, but it's been fun to watch your video! :-)



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