Thursday, 4 August 2016

My Summer Scent ♡ L.A

Summer so far has been lovely, with lots of sunshine, blue sky and warm weather I'm feeling happy. When I feel happy a spritz of perfume adds a little extra happiness. The summer season is the perfect time to switch up fragrances and go for something a bit more sweet and fruity. So, this year I have been wearing Primark's L.A perfume. This is the most beautiful fruity scent I have ever smelt from Primark. It costs only £3 (or thereabouts) and it lasts all day.

Square (rectangle) shaped bottles are my favourite kind of perfume bottle. These styles always look so much more classy and stylish. When I see a fragrance bottle in these shapes I always assume that they are much more expensive than it may be. This is what I love about this L.A perfume from Primark. It looks more expensive than it is and sits beautifully on my shelf. 

Have you tried any of Primark fragrances and what is you favourite summer scent? 

Thank you for reading

xo, Jodie

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