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Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

Makeup Geek is an extremely popular makeup brand especially amongst the amazing beauty gurus on YouTube. For years I have seen and heard great things about the eyeshadows. Many people say they have extremely great pigmentation. So, of course I had to get my hands on a few on try out. Now you may notice that the packaging of these shadows are very different from any other brand. Each shadow comes tightly packed in a metal pan with a magnetic back. The reason for this is so you can securely place each individual shadow pan into a customizable (self-made/Z Palette) eyeshadow palette. I really love this concept because there are so many palettes out there that don't suit every ones shade preference (you know what I mean, right?!) I for one really loves warm and earthy tone shadows so being able to buy shades suited to my style and eye colour is really amazing. 

Makeup Geek have a few different formulas such as matte, foil and shimmers with the biggest shade selection EVER and all with incredible (shade) names. At the minute I only have matte finishes, all with warm undertones. I picked out a few of the most popular shades I've seen and heard great things about over the years. So the shades I have are:

(listed in order of arm swatches above)

Creme Brulee: medium sand colour with a soft matte finish.
Chickadee: matte yellow orange.
Desert Sands: medium camel brown with warm yellow undertones and a matte finish.
Morocco: rich, burnt orange with a matte finish.
Cherry Cola: deep brown with strong red undertones and a matte finish.

Each and every one of these shadows have extremely amazing pigmentation and a little really goes a long way. I have been completely blown away by how amazing these eyeshadows are and the girls I've seen raving about these for years are sooooo right! So thanks to them I'm hooked and I already have more shades at the top of my shopping list. 

I really have picked a lovely selection of shades just in time of the Autumn. As Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons I will be creating lots of different looks with these. Keep an eye out for more tutorials to come! Subscribe to my YouTube channel here for beautiful makeup looks.

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Have you tried MUG shadows? What other shades do you suggest... I'm on the hunt?!!!

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