Thursday, 16 June 2016

Sigma Makeup Brush

Sigma are a makeup brush brand that I see everyone using. I have been so intrigued by their brushes since, well forever really. I couldn't believe that gave me some of Sigma's eye brushes to try out. I love makeup brushes that are sleek, black and glossy so these Sigma ones tick all the right boxes.

Three Sigma eye brushes are going to come in very handy for all the
makeup looks I create here on my blog as well as my YouTube channel. 
I always think, if you love makeup and creating gorgeous eye looks then 
you can never have too many brushes, right?! The three Sigma brushes 

  • E06 which is for winged liner. (here)
  • E30 which is a pencil brush used for smudging lower lash liner
       or defining the crease. (here)  
  • E15 which is a flat definer brush, can be used with gel, liquid 
       or powder for upper and lower lash liner. (here)

 A brush holder and case can be a really lovely addition for the perfect brush set. This one from Sigma costs around £25 (available here) and is made of a very sturdy and  washable material. I love that it comes in a black colour because this minimises  visible makeup and dirty marks on the case. The Sigma case has a button  clip on either side to securely fasten and keep your brushes safe. There is plenty  of room inside the case for lots more brushes from Sigma or your other  favourite brand. Now, as there is lots of space to be filled I have summoned  myself to collect more Sigma brushes to complete the case.

                    Have you tried Sigma brushes? What do you think of them?

                         Sigma brushes are available from Look Fantastic

Shop Sigma brushes:

E06 Winged Liner here
E15 Flat Definer Brush here 
E30 Pencil Brush here 
Brush Holder here

Keep an eye out for my tutorial using these Sigma brushes coming soon on my YouTube 
(subscribe here, it's FREE)

Thank you so much for reading

xo, Jodie

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