Monday, 13 June 2016

M.A.C Twig Lipstick

M.A.C is a brand that I've never really bought into, until now! It is a cosmetic line that are constantly developing new products and collaborating with many designers and artists to come up with some really quirky products. I've always really liked the design of M.A.C products, but I wasn't someone (until now, of-course) that could justify paying £15.50 for a lipstick. I know now, having been in the beauty blogging industry and trying out so many different makeup products, that some (and I only mean some) cosmetics brands have better quality, unfortunately at a higher price.

I am so happy that I've now been able to try a handful of lipsticks from 
M.A.C and a favourite of mine has to be 'Twig'. Twig is a mauve plum that 
(for me) is perfect for everyday wear. My favourite shade for everyday are 
pink-y brown nudes and mauve-y plums. Twig is perfect for me not only 
for its gorgeous shade but also its satin finish. This again is one of my 
favourite finishes. I absolutely adore a satin or cream finish lipstick, they 
are so much more hydrating on the lips. A satin finish can last a lot 
longer than a matte finish, purely because it has more hydration, making 
it comfortable to wear without cracking or flaking.

Twig by M.A.C is a beautiful mauve shade, perfectly hydrating and lasts for a very long time on the lips. I am now hooked and loving M.A.C lipsticks. 

Is their a shade you love that I should definitely try?

Shop Twig by M.A.C here

Thank you so much for reading

xo, Jodie

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