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Jurlique ♡ Restorative Treatment Serum

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Jurlique is an Australian skincare brand that I've had my eye on trying for a long time. I love that Jurlique are an all natural skin care brand who have a bunch of different skin products for different skin types.

This Jurlique restorative treatment serum has been formulated to boost hydration in skin types prone to redness. It is infused with lots of vitamins and minerals to help soothe and calm the skin against irritation and redness. It has extracts such as cucumber and chamomile for cooling the skin and aloe for soothing complex areas. The gel is extremely smooth (slightly clay-like) and it is suggested by Jurlique to apply the serum gently over the face, neck and collarbone in the morning and evening.

 I apply a small amount of this restorative serum to my face on the more complex areas such as my cheeks. This is where I have more redness due to pores/spots. However, I prefer to concentrate this serum on my neck. I feel this really helps boost moisture and hydration in my neck. It reduces the amount of water retained in that area. It also makes my neck and collar feel very smooth. Although this is formulated to reduce redness I find it very cooling and soothing on my neck area.   

There is a bunch of Jurlique skin care products (all with natural ingredients) available for different skin types. They have ranges for sensitive, hydration, youth defence and age repair solutions. I would love to try more from Jurlique. I already have my eye on the new 'Rosewater Balancing Mist'. This sounds great for cooling and calming the skin as well as boosting hydration.

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