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DinkiBelle Nail Wraps

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DinkiBelle is a new nail wrap brand with some lovely wrap designs. Its mission was to find a cure for damage nails and bring some life and style to your fingertips. DinkiBelle have a variety of nail designs available at DinkiBelle.co.uk
So let's start with the packaging and what's included.
Each wrap set comes with 20 individual nail wraps which means (depending on your nail size) you'll get two full uses out of each pack. Also, unlike many other nail wrap brands, DinkiBelle sets come with their very own handy little tool set. The tool set includes; a nail file, a cuticle stick and a stick for smoothing out the wraps. 
These DinkiBelle nail wraps are extremely easy to apply and smooth over nails. They are the perfect size (at the cuticle side) for my nails and fit perfectly across my nails. Like every nail wraps you do have to cut away the excess at the tip. Remember to keep the excess nail wrap because you can use it for funky tips another time. After you cut away the excess and smooth each wrap, DinkiBelle recommend applying a top coat. You can use top coats from brands like Maybelline Dr.Res Cue or Sally Hansen just as long as it's not fast drying. Applying a top coat will prolong the life of your wraps by making them more durable.  

DinkiBelle have some gorgeous wrap designs for spring, summer and fall seasons. My favourite design at the minute is the Pastel Princess ones (in photos). I love their diamond geometric look with the rainbow of purple, pink and blue pastel colours. The shades are very soft, perfect for wearing all day in spring and summer.

DinkiBelle nail wraps are very affordable unlike many other nail wrap brands; priced only at £6.99 for a pack of 20 wraps including the little tool set.

I will list below a few of my favourite designs that I think are perfect for this spring into summer time.

Pastel Princess (here)
Dizzy Dots (here)
Mint Dream (here)
Perfectly Peachy (here)

Grab yourself a set of DinkiBelle nail wraps at DinkiBelle.co.uk (free delivery over £10)

P.S. DinkiBelle nail wraps are specially designed to cure nail damage at the same time as providing style to  your nails. I did have acrylics on when I applied these wraps but they applied and wore just as good!

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