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DIY Dolce & Gabbana Embellished Boots

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To My Lovely

I have been so excited to share with you my DIY project. If you have been following me for a while then you may remember that I mentioned I was planning a big DIY project since my birthday last year, but I hadn't gotten round to do it until now. So you can imagine my excitement now I have accomplished it. Anyways, the big DIY project of mine is a recreation of the gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana embellished boots which cost around £600-£900.
I have been in love with these since I spotted these on the A/W15 D&G runway. So I had to recreate them because there was no way I could afford the real ones!

I am in absolute love with my designed boots (scroll down for pictures) They are so glamorous, sophisticated and sparkly. I have a step by step guide below, along with all the rhinestones and tools you'll need to recreate these stunning boots for yourself. In total these boots cost me around £45 to create (boots £25, rhinestones £20 & tools already had)
I also have a video tutorial where I explain a little better on how I created these boots
A few photos...


Here is a photo of the real Dolce & Gabbana boots...

What You Need



How To Design


 Step 1 Marking out the center and edges pattern: Start in the centre of the heel and work your way down before working your way around to the edges of the heel with the above rhinestones.


Step 2 Creating the flower: To create the flower look, apply an additional 3 to the left and 3 to right of the center flower embellishment.

Step 3 Attaching the beaded chain: To attach the rondelle beads cut a length of the chain to size, remember to tie a knot in both ends. Then place on in a ''C'' shape and stick with glue. You will need to hold this in place for a few minute to allow the glue to dry. If you can, get someone to help you by holding the boots whilst you hold and press the rondelle chain down in place. #patience


Step 4 Placing individual beads onto clear round resins: With the excess beads that you cut away from the chain use these to stick onto the edges of every individual clear round rhinestone.


Champagne Faceted Acrylic Horse Eye Rhinestones (7x15mm) here
Pale Gold Round Faceted Acrylic Flatback Rhinestones (12mm) here
Clear Resin Round (pointed top) Rivoli Flatback Rhinestones (12mm)  here
Clear Faceted Acrylic Marquise/Horse eye Rhinestones (12x25mm)  here
Rose Flower Resin Cabochons (10-12mm) here
Rondelle (4x3mm - beige, gold, champagne shades) Beads here
High Performance Fabric Glue
Super Glue (optional)
Revell Gold Email Colour Paint Pot

How do you like my DIY take on the Dolce & Gabbana embellished boots? Will you be recreating these boots for yourself?! 

Thank you so much for stopping by

xo, Jodie



  1. Love the DIY project. It's is so coo. I hope you don'T mind but I will definitely be linking to it in a post of mine as a coll DIY project for spring.

  2. I admire your design, I like it better than the D&G original boot. Keep up the great work!


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