Monday, 14 March 2016

Casual & Workout Wear

To My Lovely

OK I have to admit that I've been a bit slacking on my keep fit and workout routine these
past few months. But today is the day I kick my butt back into shape. You may not know this but, last year I lost 4 stone when I changed up my lifestyle. I ate healthier and cut out rubbish foods (to an extend of-course!) I am very proud of this but I want to loss a few more stone to feel more confident and happy in myself.

I have started by gathering a few new workout bits because having nice workout gear, funny enough motivates me so much more. I have an image in my head of looking more trendy when I workout. So I've gathered a few bits (above) that match my trendy vision.

1. FitBit Watch here
2. Bodywarmer H&M here
3. H&M Joggers here
4. H&M Joggers similar
5. Water Bottle H&M here
6. Nike Roshe Run Trainers here
7. H&M Long Sleeve V-top
8. AKG Wireless Headphones here

Right now I'm kicking off my workout routine with these lovely pieces below.


 Already this morning I have done 30 minutes workout with an amazing app. I will share more with you later!
Thank you so much for stopping by
xo, Jodie


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