Friday, 16 October 2015

Masquerade Masking

Creating My Mask
The Finished Mask

Afternoon lovely
I mentioned a few days back that I was planning to create masks for Halloween. I decided to create masquerade masks (another coming later) as they are so elegant and pretty and can be worn on many different occasions throughout the year.
I am so happy with how it turned out. I love the mixture of different sizes of rhinestones, It gives the mask more detail and dimension.
 I have also created a makeup tutorial that goes perfectly with the mask. I can't wait to show you... soon!
What I used
Rhinestones eBay
Mask Craft Store (in my hometown)
Fabric Glue Remington Kings
Tweezers George
Brushes Craft Store
I created the mask under very harsh lighting so I apologise for the bad quality photos in the 'creation stage'
Do you like my mask?
Thank you for stopping by
xo, Jodie


  1. It’s such a lovely post with so beautiful photos! You did a great job!
    I know how much time blog requires, but keep doing it!

    Diana Cloudlet


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