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Have you used Orofluido before? This is a new brand to me and I was really excited to try them out on my hair. My hair as you know from previous hair care posts, is very long and thick and needs a boost in the smoothness and shine department. When I used these Orofluido shampoo and conditioner together for the first time I was surprised by how smooth my hair felt when it was wet. I could run my fingers through my wet hair without getting stuck in a tangle. Once I blow-dried it was still very soft. I remember when I first used it I said to my mum "my hair feels so soft" I asked her to run her fingers through it and tell me what she thinks, she said "Ohh that's lovely and soft, it also smells really nice too". I was really pleased that she thought the same.

The scent is a floral and fruit mix which I think is beautiful. It is the nicest shampoo and conditioner scent I've smelt in a while.

For me, the thing I like best about these hair products is the smoothness and nice smell it gives my hair.  
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I use the Straight'n'Go brush (see post here) when I've had my hair tied up for a while but it tends to give me more frizz during blow-drying. So I've washed my hair using these Orofluido products along with the Straight'n'Go and I'm pleased by how well it manages to maintain the frizz. I still add a little oil to smooth anything but there is a difference between. I think these would be really great for girlies that have naturally curly hair which I guess gets very frizzy after blow-drying?

Products Mentioned:
Orofluido Asia Zen Control Shampoo & Conditioner
Product Description:
"Exceptional Frizz Control, Elasticity, And Smoothness"

Orofluido Available here

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