Monday, 29 June 2015

Everyday Lip Shades

Good Afternoon Lovelies.

This Afternoon I'm bring to you a few beautiful lip products that are perfect for an everyday and natural look.

There are more days in my life where I'm wearing my 'everyday' makeup look than days where I do the whole eyeliner, eyeshadows and contour etc. so nude lip products are essential. They're the most used lip shades in my collection, therefore they need to be easy to apply and I will be completely happy with them.
Lip glosses are great lip products to carry on the go as they're normally very easy to apply. The 2 glam shines (photo 1) I have are very neutral and not far off my natural lip colour. They are super glossy and very manageable in applying (even in a hurry). They also smell quite fruity (I think).
Now I need to tell you about these 2 products in photo 2...OMG I love these two so much. L'OREAL 'nude' lipstick is the perfect everyday lipstick that is extremely creamy and moisturising on my lips. It is one of the best lipsticks I've tried from L'OREAL. I've had it for some time now but it is still incredibly pigmented and creamy and lasts for ages on my lips.
Rimmel's exaggarate 'eastend snob' lip liner is the perfect liner for many nude and neutral lip shades in my collections. It is also very close to my natural lip shade that I sometimes use it on its own to outline my lips making them look fuller. 

I love wearing these lip products for 'my everyday makeup look', they are so natural and beautiful looking which compliment my skin tone perfectly.
Lip Shades
L'OREAL Glam Shine 409 'Crystal Bronze Glow'
L'OREAL Glam Shine 6hr 300 'Golden Tatoo' here
L'OREAL Colour Riche Blondes range 235 'Nude' here
Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner 063 'Eastend Snob' here
You NEED to get L'OREAL's 'nude' lipstick, it's insanely creamy and moisturising on the lips!
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xo, Jodie

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