Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Nail Care Routine | MicroCell

(Watch Tutorial HERE)
Spring, Spring, Spring! I was in need of some nail solution to repair and bring my nails back to life since that harsh winter. I've been using Micro Cell nail care products for the past few weeks and so far they have worked wonders. Their 'Cuticle Care Pen' is one of the best things I have ever used on my nails. It has kept my cuticles under control which is perfect for me as I have nails that grow
really fast and my cuticles tends to grow really fast with them. But now that I've been using the cuticle pen every couple of days along with the nail repair it has kept my cuticle at bay and strengthened my nails. I particularly like the cuticle pen and the nail repair solution the best. As you can seen in the photo above by using only they products my nails are in beautiful order (if I do say so myself)
The colour repair is in the shade 'Raspberry Kiss' which is a glorious colour. It is a great wearable colour and adds a little extra strength but I don't think it is essential in nail repair, however the polish does glide on my nail perfectly and I only have to apply one coat as it's very highly pigmented, which is great.
If you are in need of a manicure, DIY with Micro Cell. (seriously though, it's a must-try gals!)
 I explain a little more in my video HERE on how I apply the products. I hope you enjoy.

You can also check Micro Cell here for more products that may suit your needs.

▶ Cuticle Pen available here
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