Monday, 13 April 2015

Makeup Brush Cleansing

In my last post (here) I spoke about my latest beauty finds, this B. makeup brush cleanser was amongst they few pieces. I was in total need of a cleanser or shampoo for my makeup brushes. So I went to the 'new-in' section of Superdrug and found this one which has been flying off the shelves as there was only 1 left. I used it as soon as I got home whilst it was sunny out and cleaned all my brushes and let them dry in the sun. 
I sprayed the solution into and all around the bristles then massaged it in. The liquid lathered up and the makeup literally poured out the bristles which was quite disgusting but I just knew my brushes where getting a deep clean.
B. Makeup Brush Cleanser available here
Happy Monday
xo Jodie


  1. Happy Monday, darling! Great post which reminds me to clean my own brushes! :)
    Sending you much love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

    1. Thank you Vanessa. Sending you even more love back!
      xo Jodie


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