Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Treble Knot

Today I'm sharing with you a super quick and simple hair look that honestly only takes me 1 minute.

To create this look all you need is a bobble or hair elastic.

First pull two sections (1 from each side) from the front to the back of your head then cross the two part over each other and tie a knot. Repeat this process by grabbing two more sections from the front and adding them into the first knot, cross over and tie again. Repeat this process once more to create three knots. Tie the remainder of your hair securely with an elastic and that's you, you will have created a stunning treble knot look.

I've been loving trying out new hairstyles from braids and knots, to buns and curls. Check out some of my other looks here, here & here.

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xo Jodie


  1. Thank you so much for doing this post! I really suck at braiding but I will give this a try! Super cute! xx

    1. Your Welcome Tiffany. If you try it out tag/tweet me so I can see!! :) Thank you.
      xo Jodie


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