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My Skincare | Australian Bodycare

For many years I have been on a quest for great skin care products that will clear my 'under the surface' spots. I hadn't quite found that perfect brand that would do it all, until now. I recently started using Australian Bodycare which has helped my skin so far so good. Australian Bodycare products are infused with oil from Australia's native Tea Tree plant, which has many benefits for problematic skin including anti-fungal and antiseptic elements.

The formula of the products are very smooth and absorbs into the skin quickly which is perfect for me as some other skin care brands I've tried in the past have left my skin feeling sticky and greasy.
So far I have been using the products a little over a week and I can say they are clearing my skin up slowing but surely. I have also noticed that my skin feels a lot smoother and aids the application of my makeup foundation. This might sound odd but I totally think it has enhanced the colour payoff of my foundation as well as its durability. Has this ever happened to you with skin care products?

How I apply:
1. First of all, if I have any makeup on I will remove it first with micellar water before I start the cleanse so that the makeup doesn't block or create a barrier preventing the AB products to soak in deep to my skin and work its magic.
 2. I pump the gentle cleansing milk into my hands several times to get a good amount to distribute evenly across my entire face and neck. I work the product into my skin in circular motion to allow better blood flow whilst cleansing.
3. I remove this cleansing milk from my face and neck with a damp cotton pad leaving my face clean and prepped for the toner.
4. I take another clean cotton pad and apply several pumps of the gentle toner onto it. I dab the cotton pad with the toner all over my face concentrating more on the apples of my cheeks and forehead where I have the most 'under the surface' spots. I love how this toner is very cooling and leaves my face feeling extremely fresh. I allow the toner to dry into my face and neck for a few minutes before apply my moisturiser.
5. Once the toner has absorb into my skin I squeeze onto my fingers at least 4 blobs of the active face cream moisturiser and dot evenly on my cheeks, forehead and chin. In circular motion again aiding blood flow I start to work the moisturiser into my skin whilst the cream dries I like to give myself a mini face massage by pulsing my four fingers over my forehead and running my thumb down my cheek bone and jaw line.

I will maybe do a little demo' video showing you how I apply these products in the coming weeks.

Australian Bodycare available at here, here, here

I hope like, enjoyed and try out AB for yourself.

Thank you for stopping by

xo Jodie


  1. Tea tree oil is amazing! Great post!

  2. Happy Monday! Glad I stopped by! Awesome post! Never tried these products - something I will have to do! :)
    xoxo, Vanessa

    1. Aww that's great. They're great products. Let me know how you get on if you do try them out. Thanks for stopping by Vanessa.
      xo Jodie

  3. Thanks for the review, I've never tried these products before but I like how they have tea tree oil in them.


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