Thursday, 5 February 2015

What's Happening

Before I do any exercise I like to give myself a little boost by drinking some diluted squash juice. Today I drank cherries & berries squash before exercising, which is sooo delicious. It's one of my favourite drinks as well as orange and mango which I tend to have all the time.
This morning I had fruity cereal and a green tea for breakfast. I then got my workout gear on (consists of leggings and a vest top) and got into an exercise routine. I started off with some box fit then went on to do some Yogalates (Yoga + Pilates together) to cool down and stretch out the muscles that took a beaten whilst doing my box fit routine. 
Every time I do an exercise routine I feel really good, like I have achieved sometime already in my day. Tomorrow I will do more but switch up the order in which I do my routine. I know that switching up your exercise routine is better for the body and muscles, so they want get use to the sensation which may prevent weight loss or muscle building.
It is a sunny day in Glasgow today which is making me feel good. I hope you all have a wonderful day wherever you are.   
Happy Thursday All
xo Jodie

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