Friday, 6 February 2015

Naked Basics: Review

First of all I would like to say how CUTE this small and compact palette is. Little palettes are great for travelling or taking on holiday, to minimise the amount of individual eye shadow pots you have to carry. I have a great love for eyeshadow palettes in general because they are very convenient and usually have a bunch of diverse shades in one place. So on with the review...

My Review 
As I mentioned above, I'm a sucker for cute packaging so of course I had to get it. However I was quite disappointed with the lighter shades in the palette. They aren't as pigmented as I thought they would be. I know these shadows are like base shadows; hence the name "basics", so I'm not very suprised by this. Although, I think the lighter shades would be good for is giving you that natural look for beach/holiday days were you want to wear as minimal makeup as possible but still look fresh and bright. So for me, this little palette may be coming with me on my next holiday.
What I really like in this palette is the shades 'crave' and 'faint'. I like to apply 'crave' on my upper lash line for a less intense eyeliner look which blends beautifully. I also like to apply 'faint' on my lower lash line to define my eyes after applying 'crave' up top.
I'm going to keep this review short as I don't know what else to say about this palette apart from it looks cute, it's travel-friendly, and has a nice black shade to give you subtly defined eyes. This palette isn't something to go crazy about or worth running out to buy, but what I would recommend it as is a great holiday/travel palette if you like to look fresh, bright, well put together and simply natural on vacation.
Tutorial using this palette will follow soon, so stay tuned if you would like to see.
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  1. I really like this palette when traveling, I usually bring it with me whenever I go somewhere because it pretty much has everything I need for a "basic" look. I agree that it isn't anything spectacular, but rather a nice basic palette ;) .

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    1. yeah, I'm going to take it on my next vacation :) x


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