Monday, 2 February 2015

Monday Inspo

I found this and instantly felt inspired. Posting this here will remind me and hopefully inspire lots more, including you, to NOT dread the sound that blares from your phone at stupid o'clock, and to resist hitting that snooze button for the twentieth time lol. I totally agree with these six points on the board and previously found, that rising early, for me, results in a fulfilled and satisfied day. To have a full on, productive day helps me to fall asleep quicker when I go to bed, instead of messing around on my phone for hours. So I will be trying very hard this week to rise early and be very productive. I will start today and every other day this week with a healthy breakfast and a little exercise routine to get me pumped for the day. I will update you by the end of the week on how I got on.
Happy Monday
xo Jodie 

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