Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Blueberry Vs. Fancy a dip?

Today I want to share with you my thoughts and experience using both these nail polishes. I mentioned in this post that Rimmel London's 'fancy a dip?' is one of the nail polishes I'm looking forward to using this coming spring and summer so I wanted to compare it to Barry M's 'Blueberry' which I wore many times last year. I hope you enjoy getting to know more about these polishes and hopefully help you make your own mind up to which one you want.
I've have been wearing these two polishes all day (one hand Barry M and the other Rimmel London) and I've been analysing my nails every minute to take a mental note on how each are holding up.
Both polishes cost around the same and are identical in colour, so this is no 'dupe' for high-end vs low-end, sorry, however this review is based on wearability and longevity.
Barry M's 'blueberry' is a thick consistency and glides on beautifully with great colour payoff. With its gelly formulation it only requires one coat and has a great glossy finish. However with the gelly formulation being thicker you can accidently tip your fingernails and leave a little nick, which is a nuisance, but when applied and dried correctly the overall result is beautiful.  
Rimmel London's 'fancy a dip?' polish is a lighter formulation which requires more coats to achieve that full on powdery blue colour, however it is faster drying than Barry M's blueberry but it can be time consuming having to apply multiple coats. Just like Barry M's 'blueberry' it leaves your nails glossy and smooth, however it's not as high shine as 'blueberry'.

Both polishes are very similar, I love how 'fancy a dip' blends with my light skin tone. However it is more time consuming with its light formulation but it's definitely a shade for daytime. One the other hand Barry M's 'blueberry' is full on and definitely for someone who loves high shine/glossy colours. It is definitely my type of colour, therefore I would say I prefer Barry M's 'blueberry' purely for its colour, longevity and high shine finish. Also I notice when checking on my nails throughout the day my eyes draw towards 'blueberry' more. So from this I can concluded by saying I love Barry M 'Blueberry' more than Rimmel London 'Fancy a dip'.

I hope this little review gives you an idea to what polish you would prefer.

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I hope to get better at reviewing products in the future so stay tuned for my next one...(hint) it's an Urban Decay product accompanied by a tutorial!

If you have reached this far, Thank you.
Lots of Love
xo Jodie

Products Reviewed
Barry M 'blueberry' here
Rimmel London 'fancy a dip?' here (on sale now)


  1. Really cute photography!

  2. Both of these look gorgeous! I love such bright shades ;)

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    1. I love Barry M blueberry the best, its super gorgeous.... to be honest I love every colour from Barry M lol xxx


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