Thursday, 2 October 2014

What's In My Bag? | Fall 2014

 My bag was a present from my mum last Christmas. It is the perfect autumn/winter bag with its fur trim; it's faux fur of-course. It has one large compartment inside which is good to throw in everything but can be quite difficult then trying to find things, but it's so cute don't you think? 
I had been on the hunt for the perfect tartan red scarf for some time now and I finally found it at New Look the other week (should still be in-store). I wanted it to be woolly and thick with that perfect shade of red, and I must say this is it, so thank you New Look you have made me very happy! The reason why I had been look for the perfect ones is that I have a few black leather jackets and I had this image that a red tartan scarf would look lovely with it, so I can officially say my quest for that perfect scarf has been accomplished . I carry this with me in my bag for the good old Scottish weather!
My make-up bag carries my essentials and a few autumn related products. I always like to carry a hand sanitizer to clean my hands if I pop in somewhere for a bite to eat. I keep a nail file, floss (Oral B), a sanitary pad (oops!), a hair brush, a bobble and bobby pins for any misfortunes, hehe. Perfume is a must in your bag. I have been carrying Avon's Little Black Dress with me for a while now. It is an oriental, floral scent with a hint of jasmine, sandalwood and musk. It is a nice autumn scent which I highly recommend (I carry the 30ml bottle). You can get it here 
I also keep a few lipsticks in my make-up bag, one neutral colour that will go with any outfit and a seasonal colour too (for this season I go with plum or cranberry).  
I love to buy keyrings for my keys. Right now I have a few from concerts I've been to as well as a Florida keyring from when I went on holiday. I also carry my diary and pen for when I have a spare minute to note things down.
I will tend throw other bits and bobs in my bag depending on what I will be doing that day, but these are my essential that I always carry.
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