Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Leighton Denny | A New Discovery

It's typical just as I want to try out a new nail polish my nails go and break on me. Anyway I couldn't wait until they grew longer; even though my nails grow pretty quick. It was too tempting having this polish stare at me from my dresser. I grabbed it and this was the result.
The polish is called 'I Love Juicy' from Leighton Denny. This is a new discovery for me as I've never tried any of their products before. My nails are 1 coat only with no base or top coat which shows that this varnish has good colour payoff. It is a warm coral shade but still has that 'pop of colour' which is still needed to spice up the warm and cozy clothing here in autumn. It makes a change from the red varnishes I tend to reach for during this time of the year. I would love to try more colours (like this one) in their collections.
You can see that I have a another Leighton Denny product alongside this polish. It is the remove & go polish remover. I've applied 'I Love Juicy' twice this week but not because of chips it's genuinely because I wanted to try out this remover and let you know about them both in this post.
 I've seen these types of removers where you stick your finger into a sponge and twist to remove the varnish before by other brands but I was quite sceptical about them. I thought they would be dry and useless, but my god this remover stuff is amazing, it's the best polish remover I think I've ever used.
It is so moist (in a good way!) You genuinely only have to twist each finger in the sponge 3 to 4 times max and the polish is completely removed. One slight downside to the remover is that it's quite strong in a lavender scent. Lavender isn't my favourite flower scent but I can live with it as the overall product is great and saves time on using cotton pads where fibres sometimes stick to my nails.
I would highly recommend the remove & go polish remover if you are a nail polish junkie and are always applying different shades. This will be a quick and easy process for your manicure. The remover is priced at around £5.50 on and the nail polish is around £11 on too. I'm sure you can find these on other online beauty websites but the great thing about is it has FREE worldwide delivery. I know that many of you who read my blog are from European, American, Asian countries (basically both sides of the world) so this would be a great beauty site to visit plus they sell the famous and well loved Bare Minerals, Shiseido, Urban Decay, Too Faced, O.P.I, Essie and many more.
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Leighton Denny high performance colour 'I Love Juicy' Shop it
Leighton Denny remove and go polish remover Shop it
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