Tuesday, 9 September 2014


I have been meaning to try out one of L'Oreal's newer mascaras for some time now as I really like their other ranges, so I grabbed myself the False Lash Telescopic fiber mascara. I haven't tried it out as of yet, but in excited as it has fibers to lengthen the lashes. I'm planning another autumn eye look which I will post in the coming days, so stay tuned and I'll let you know how it goes with this mascara, hopefully I get spidery long lashes.
Have you heard all about this new Garnier Micellar? It's an all in one cleanser. It removes make-up and cleanses at the same time. I have been using this for the past 3 days and I love how it feels on my face, I pour it onto a large cotton pad to cover a larger area on my face. I don't need to rub my face because this cleaning water was made to prevent rubbing which can irritate the skin hence the 'soothes' factor on the front of the bottle. Oh and there's NO perfume...bonus!! I will update you on how I get on with it over a longer period of time in the coming weeks but so far its fab!.    
Now for those of you that are looking at these photos and thinking I've Jodie use that product before, then you are right, I repurchased a few of my fav's or in other words essentials in my beauty collection. In this post I mentioned how much I love L'Oreal's true match foundation therefore I got myself another. It is now my favourite of all foundations I've tried, I use to use Maybelline's Superstay 24hr foundation for every occasion (shopping, nights out, errand running or leisurely walks) but I have decided to go back and forth with each to minimise my usage as the Superstay 24hr retails around £8 and true match around £10-11. I feel the L'Oreal true match gives me better overall coverage. In-terms of how both foundations feel on my skin I think they are slightly similar in that way, hence why I love them both.
Garnier Micellar cleansing water shop
L'Oreal false lash telescopic w/ fibers shop
L'Oreal true match foundation shop 
Barry M liquid eye liner shop
Collection fix me up spray shop
Allure 6 nail files (poundland)
P.S love anti bac hand gel (primark)
Allure eyelash curler (pondalnd)
For those of you that have got to the end of this long spiel, Thank you.


  1. your eye makeup looks amazing Jodie, I like the way you describe how to apply and blend the different shades, I watch the videos on you tube on how to apply , but they go to quick and I have to keep rewinding them ,your explanations are so easy to follow and check back to , because when I take off my glasses to apply eye makeup I am as blind as a bat :) keep up the good work x Celia


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