Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Luscious Locks ♛

The weather today is so miserable, according to my phone this morning the weather was supposed to be quite nice but as usual in Glasgow the weather takes a drastic turn and pores from the heavens ☔  Anyways I been loving this L'Oreal Elvive extraordinary oil for a while now. I first discovered it at the beginning of this year and was quick to try it out because it's made up of 6 flower extracts. I mentioned in a post here about the vitamins cartridges in my hair dryer that leaves my hair very soft and sleek, this oil is something of the same in-terms of making my hair smooth and luscious. I apply the oil every now and then before I wash my hair as it is recommended by L'Oreal for conditioning. I mostly like to apply the oil before I use my hair straighteners to give that sleek look. It works amazingly in giving a silky, sleek shine to your hair after styling but I do find that it makes my hair greasier quicker then if don't apply it but I guest that is the price you pay for wanting luscious looking locks. Overall this is one of my favourite products from L'Oreal's Elvive range and do recommend it for girls with dry to normal hair for that extra shiney boost. OOh! and a plus it smells beautiful, makes me sniff my hair all day.  

Hope your have a lovely day wherever you are in the world. Thanks for reading.


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